HP 9000 Model 715/80 Workstation DMI Treiber Download kostenlos (ver. B.­11.­11.­40)

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DMI (ver. B.­11.­11.­40) freigegeben 2005.09.16.

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Kategorie PC
Marke HP
Gerät 9000 Model 715/80 Workstation
Betriebssystem HP-UX
Version B.­11.­11.­40
Dateigröße 1.57 Mb
Freigegeben 2005.09.16
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DMI driver for HP 9000 Model 715/­80 Workstation This bundle is part of HP's DMI for HP-UX product.­ It includes Desktop Management Interface (DMI),­ which operates between your management software and your system's components.­ The DMI standard gives technical support personnel,­ IT managers,­ and individual users a common path to access information about all aspects of a computer system.­ DMI Support Statement HP currently supports versions 39 and 40 of HP-UX DMI on HP-UX 11,­ 11iv1,­ and 11iv2.­ For 11iv2,­ DMI is only supported on releases prior to September 2004.­ For later 11iv2 releases,­ WBEM is the supported solution for data collection.­ If you are experiencing a problem with DMI,­ please ensure that you are running the latest version of DMI prior to contacting HP support.­ If the dmisp process on your system consumes 100%­ of the CPU,­ upgrading to version 40 will resolve the issue.­ Note: DMI version 40 for 11iv2 to be released mid-2006.­ This version will support 11iv2 releases prior to September of 2004.­ Compatible devices: A2061A,­ A4093A,­ A4093AR,­ A4108A,­ A4109A

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